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Jan. 29th, 2013 01:00 am
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This will largely only make sense to those that have played White Wolf's old World of Darkness games, specifically Werewolf. 

So we've started playing a Werewolf game with some friends. YAY GAME holy crap it's been a long time. Except....I feel like I'm playing a totally different game than everyone else is. The lore issues I could deal with if the storyteller would ADMIT that they're not correct! But he keeps trying to tell us that no, that's totally the way the game is, and I know DAMNED WELL it's not. I'm going to give you a brief description of the game, and then I'll list the lore issues. Then I'll list my other issues with this storyteller. 

So the storyteller and his wife are teaching their son and two of his friends how to play. The three teenage boys are playing lost cubs. That's all well and good.  But the three people teaching the cubs - the wife, Alex, and I - are only Cliath. We really shouldn't be in charge of teaching lost cubs, that's FAR beyond our rank. Alright.

So lore issues:
First off, there's the Cliath teaching lost cubs thing. Fine, help is scarce. I was actually sent to find out what the random Uktena (Alex) was doing on our sept grounds, and found myself roped into teaching the lost cubs. (I'm a lupus Fianna Theurge.) Fine.

We wind up at a Gurahl moot. We're in Canada, that's fine. Except there's 500 Gurahl here and about 100 visitors of various species. 500? Really? So - every Gurahl in North America and probably THEN some? And let's not even get into the fact that there are PANDAS here. 

One of the lost cubs is a German Shepherd. With Pure Breed. I tried to protest this one, but was shut down with "he has pure breed so it's okay." NO. NO THAT MAKES IT EVEN MORE NOT OKAY. There are several places in the books where it is stated "Garou do not look like domesticated dogs" and in the Bone Gnawer book it specifically states "if they are less than nine-tenths wolf they WILL NOT CHANGE no matter HOW much Garou blood they have." Nope. Pure bred German Shepherd police dog. 

The ST's special snowflake NPC is teaching the Black Fury Ahroun (his wife) Kailindo. (The special snowflake is a former Shadow Lord, now Gargoyle-ish thing after being cursed by the Fae; he has diplomatic immunity with all the Garou tribes. He tried to tell us he had breeding privileges with the Furies, as he couldn't produce metis because of his curse, but after his wife read the Fury book that we lent her, she put a kibosh on that idea, THANK FUCKING GOD) When I pointed out to her that the Stargazers won't be happy about a Shadow Lord teaching a Fury Kailindo, she said they could take it up with her mother, who happens to be the Fury matriarch for North America. (of course.)

Back to the Gurahl - part of the moot is a Rite of Passage for their cubs, so they go hunt down what they thought was one BSD and it winds up being a ton of them. The ones they don't kill, they capture and throw in pits for pit-fighting. Yeah, um - Gurahl don't shy away from combat, but they're Gaia's healers. They're not this bloodthirsty, it goes against their VERY NATURE. 

Mechanics Issues, and this is where I get really frustrated.
So - our first session was Sunday. I haven't played any White Wolf in - oh - five years or so? And I'm used to playing Bastet and Corax when I do. So I tried to use Mother's Touch on myself, thinking Lick Wounds. ST let it go through until after the second time, when I looked it up and realized it couldn't be used on myself. His reaction was to grin and tell me he was just "fooling me" by letting my character "think" she'd healed the two aggravated damage she'd taken the first time. Yeah, I'm sorry, you can't ignore two agg. Unless you spend willpower or Rage. I'm more inclined to think he didn't realize I'd fucked up until I CAME CLEAN. But I still got punished IC for it, in not getting any Wisdom Renown - that thing I need to rank up - because of the OOC fuck up. 

We played for about 8 hours on Sunday, so it was divided into two sessions with a break halfway through the day. XP got given out at the break, and at the end of the game. Alex got an XP point for RPing his auspice in the first half. (He taunted the bad guy to make him look at HIM while the rest of us attacked.) I did not. (Despite using three gifts and two rites) Mostly because I leapt straight into the fray. Yeah, hello, I'm a Fianna. We do that, Theurge or not. In the second half, I used all FOUR of my gifts, performed another rite, tracked someone through the Umbra (and caught them with the help of some spirits), taught the Cubs about the Umbra, and the Wyld/Weaver/Wyrm, and still didn't get an XP for playing my auspice. Tell me, HOW IS THAT NOT THEURGE LIKE? 

His combat system is all wonky; initiative is rolled like normal but instead of being declared in reverse order and then resolved, he takes care of the highest initiative's action, then goes to the next person, asks what their action is, and resolves that, etc. 10s are sometimes exploded and sometimes not and I still don't understand his rules for when. 

He's giving out entire permanent points of Renown for most things. Which means the cubs are nearly ready to rank up and Alex IS ready to rank up, while I still need two entire points of Wisdom to rank up. Great. So the cubs I'm trying to teach will be the same rank as I am. Oh THAT will be fun.

He KEEPS dividing the party and then having to switch between what we're all doing, which is frustrating as hell. 

Apparently Pure Breed means you have a chance of being possessed by your Ancestors. Oh wait, there's a separate background for that. IT'S CALLED ANCESTORS. *facepalm* 

And the storyteller continues to insist this is all by the book. I'm frustrated because I KNOW this shit is wrong. I'm frustrated because he's teaching three new players the WRONG SHIT. I'm frustrated because I feel like we're playing two different systems here. And I'm frustrated because I feel like he's treating me unfairly as opposed to my husband. The storyteller is also a very, VERY dominant personality who is NOT accustomed to being questioned, so I don't even feel comfortable bringing any of this shit up. 

Dammit. I miss City of Shadows so goddamn much. Where I got awesome RP and the STs knew their shit. And I could hop on and RP whenever I wanted. *sigh* Digichat games, how I miss thee.


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